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A Word from Your Publisher - Judy Umlas Featured

Written by  // Wednesday, 12 October 2011 06:55 // Publisher's Letters// 191025
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Publisher’s Letter, September/October Edition

Now, you are probably wondering why this edition of is green when it is usually a lovely royal blue! Well, that is because the theme of allPM Today is Project Management and Sustainability. As you will learn from the numerous exciting, thought-provoking and action oriented articles below, every project does not have to deal with the environment in order to be considered green. Any project can be and act green, if you are willing to think green! That’s because in today’s global marketplace, it is essential to be good and green in our worldwide operations, products and services. Sustainability is making its way from the top floor to the shop floor at most of the fortune 500 companies as they get rated, ranked, attacked and praised for their social and environmental responsibility programs. “Green” Project Management is a rapidly growing area of knowledge, even without being mentioned in the PMBOK® Guide. This allPM Today edition focuses on project management risks, opportunities and company case studies related to Sustainability. So get ready to be inspired to Go Green in your projects, or to have your Go Green efforts enhanced,  as you read ahead. Let us know if you are inspired to take positive action – we love to hear results!

Two other important initiatives are taking place between now and the next edition of allPM Today (which, by the way, will be on the topic of Coaching and Project Success): the PMI Global Congress North America in Dallas, and International Project Management Day, 2011. At the former, IIL is definitely in the green zone with its launch of the new book Keeping Score, Project Management for the Pros, by Frank Ryle PMP. In a very creative and illustrative way, Frank has managed to link Project Management and golf to teach or enhance both your knowledge and its applications regarding the ins and outs of the two. You can come to the IIL “green event” for the very fun golf simulation with Frank at our booth. Hope to see you there! I will be speaking at the booth as well, on Project Work-Life Balance: Achieving Project Success! Hope to see you there for that, too!

As for International Project Management Day (IPMDay), 2011, we know you will want to BE THERE! And no matter where in the world you are, you can join us! It is a virtual conference that takes place every year on the first Thursday of November, which this year is on November 3rd. We will have 20 outstanding speakers, and guess what!? It is totally free and you can earn up to 12 free PDUs for your participation, as just one of your many rewards for joining us. Let’s all acknowledge Frank P. Saladis, PMP for his original vision and creation of IPMDay, with IIL as a chief supporter back in 2004. Yay, Frank! Every year it has become bigger and better, with more of you participating and gaining great value from this assemblage of PM superstars. This year, we have Dr. Harold Kerzner, Mark Langley, CEO of PMI, and Ed Hoffman, Director of NASA Academy of Program, Project and Engineering Leadership, among others. IIL’s President and CEO, E. LaVerne Johnson will welcome all to this global event.

We used this virtual conference platform out for the first time last year, and had 15,000 attendees with very little pre-event promotion. This year, we are expecting to double that. Here is a link to the event so that you can register by going to IPMDay 2011 . Be there! You can also learn about having your company give back to our profession – to be a sponsor of this great event, and to participate fully in the recognition of project managers around the globe. To learn more about about participating in and sponsoring the event, Click Here.

So I wish I could send each of you a packet of “Go Green, PM!” virtual seeds to plant. The intent would be to help assure that you will THINK GREEN as you engage in each and every project. But I thought it would be better to offer you that opportunity, knowing you are a very creative bunch (does anyone remember Project Management Poetry contests and the PM Poetry “booklette” that came out of them?), and so we are officially holding a CONTEST to see who can create such a virtual seed packet that will inspire project managers to think green in all of their projects, and in all of their phases. So here is a

This, by the way, is the first in a new wave of many contests we will be launching. Click here for the contest rules and deadlines. Use both your own imagination and your knowledge.  Make your entry pretty! Make it eye-catching, so that PMs will all want to plant those seeds in their projects every day, every week, every year. The best overall design and most useable virtual Green PM seed packet will win you an autographed copy of Dr. Harold Kerzner’s hot and amazing new book, Project Management Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards, A Guide to Measuring and Monitoring Project Performance! We have second and third prizes, as well as a group prize for those of you who work on the project as a team!

And that should be enough to keep us all busy – hope to see you in person at the PMI Global Congress, and virtually on IPMDay!

Until the next time…

Judy Umlas
( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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