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allPM Leadership Team

allPM Leadership Team

About LaVerne E. Johnson 

E. LaVerne Johnson is Founder, President and CEO of International Institute for Learning (IIL), a leading corporate training and consulting firm based in New York City with a wholly-owned network of operating companies all over the world. Prior to founding IIL, Johnson spent ten years in the learning and development industry as well as ten years in commercial banking. She began her career in learning as manager of programs in the executive education division of Michigan State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree and MBA in finance and economics.   


About Judith W. Umlas


Judith W. Umlas is Sr. Vice President, author and trainer at International Institute for Learning, Inc. (IIL), a global corporate training company.  She is the publisher of IIL Publishing, New York, as well as the Publisher of allPM.com, the web portal for over 100,000 project managers. She is the author of the ground-breaking book, The Power of Acknowledgment ©2006, IIL Publishing, New York, which has been credited with changing workplaces and lives by making use of the 7 Principles of Acknowledgment she developed. She has upcoming books on Grateful Leadership, Using the Power of Acknowledgment to Engage, Motivate and Keep Your Best People (to be published by McGraw-Hill Professional in Fall, 2012), and The Power of Acknowledgment for Kids.

Judith delivers inspiring, motivational and transformational keynote addresses on Leadership and The Power of Acknowledgment all over the world. She also leads webinars and teaches full day virtual and traditional courses to organizations like Volvo, the U.S. Army, Prudential, JMP Engineering, the World Bank, Fannie Mae, IBM, AT&T and many others. She has trained tens of thousands of people through her leading edge, highly interactive and engaging courses and keynotes – with outstanding and longlasting results. The Power of Acknowledgment is Judith’s passion and her mission!

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At work, I am most grateful for:

My Leaders - 17.6%
My Team members - 62.7%
My Company's vision - 7.8%
My Comfortable chair - 11.8%

Total votes: 51
The voting for this poll has ended on: 07 Mar 2014 - 00:00



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